About Luma

The Luma Project is a multi-purpose campus in the Dominican Republic. Each year, thousand of students, teachers and ten to fifteen startups will call the campus home. Luma will maintain a constant stream of instructors, guest speakers and mentors. Some of these will include staff, founders and CEOs of tech companies from the United States and South America.

The Problem:
Year after year, the Dominican Republic, like most developing nations, lags in a wide range of key socioeconomic areas. Many of the country’s challenges are rooted in poor education and lack of access to information. A wide range of limitations also prevents the country from moving forward at a much faster rate. Some of these are the lack of infrastructure for basic things like access to affordable electricity, efficient payment solutions, the ability to pay and get paid for products and services, access to the internet, among countless others.

Our Solution:
All of the issues mentioned above are too many and too broad for a single organization to take-on. Instead, Luma will establish two programs: Free Education and Startup Incubator.

The Free Education program will focus in courses ranging from literacy classes, computer classes, to topics such as building and designing mobile apps and web services. Training teachers is also a core part of Free Education. Better prepared teachers in the classroom will help us cover more ground quickly. This investment in education will ensure future entrepreneurs and a stronger economy that will be fertile for long term business and innovation opportunities.

The Startup Incubator program, instead of taking classes, will have teams that will focus on developing immediate solutions to issues that are holding the country back. While teams will be required to solve problems specific to the country, only teams with solutions that can scale globally will be accepted into Luma.

To learn more about The Luma Project or to explore the possibility of becoming part of it, email us here. We are particularly interested in teaching, speaking and mentorship engagements. You do not have to speak Spanish to participate.

If you work at Google, Facebook, or Twitter, and are from Latin America or of Latin American descent, please drop us a note. We would love to speak to you.

If you are in the Dominican Republic and want to be part of our first class, send us an email describing your project and the stage you are currently at with it.

Who's on board


  • Rachel Inman
    Rachel Inman
    Google NY
  • Xingpei Wang
    Xingpei Wang
    R/GA NY
  • Fabricio Teixeira
    Fabricio Teixeira
    R/GA SF
  • John Tubert
    John Tubert
    R/GA SF
  • Geetika Agrawal
    Geetika Agrawal
    R/GA NY
  • Korbin Hoffman
    Korbin Hoffman
    Product Hunt
  • Joseph Lin
    Joseph Lin
  • Carlos Gutierrez
    Carlos Gutierrez
  • Vinny DiBartolo
    Vinny DiBartolo
    Big Spaceship
  • Dan Gnecco
    Dan Gnecco
  • Nari Park
    Nari Park
    R/GA NY
  • Paul Kim
    Paul Kim
    R/GA NY
  • Joseph Oak
    Joseph Oak
    R/GA NY
  • Brian WF Tobin
    Brian WF Tobin
    Jebudas NY
  • Candice Hoeflinger
    Candice Hoeflinger
    Picture Farm
  • Deroy Peraza
    Deroy Peraza
  • Natalia Suárez
    Natalia Suárez
    Lowe Interamerica
  • Winston Thomas
    Winston Thomas
    R/GA NY
  • Doris Feurstein
    Doris Feurstein
    R/GA NY
  • Taylor Cole
    Taylor Cole
  • Noelle Newbold
    Noelle Newbold
    R/GA NY
  • Joyce Chen
    Joyce Chen
  • Nelson Torres
    Nelson Torres
    Touch Labs
  • Isaac Perez
    Isaac Perez
    Blue Buffalo
  • Karin Santiago
    Karin Santiago
    R/GA NY
  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker
    R/GA NY
  • John Blackford
    John Blackford
    Blackford Labs
  • Jessica Norris
    Jessica Norris
  • Wellington Taveras
    Wellington Taveras
    The Luma Project
  • Hector Tejada
    Hector Tejada


  • Chris Colborn
    Chris Colborn
    R/GA Global
  • Jasmit Rangr
    Jasmit Rangr
    Rangr Studio
  • Jordan Salcito
    Jordan Salcito
    Momofuku / Bellus
  • Vinny DiBartolo
    Vinny DiBartolo
    Big Spaceship
  • Virgilio Santos
    Virgilio Santos
    R/GA Global